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1: Shower screens

What type of glass is best used for shower screens ?

A- Laminate glass is still used in the industry for certain panels when required however it is not preferred when dealing in wet areas as water will eventually get in between the glass and deteriorate the laminate.
B- PECOSA uses ONLY toughened glass on all shower screens , in instances where laminate glass is required we will use it however toughened glass is a much stronger and durable product as it goes through a heating process which enhances its strength

My shower screen is leaking , can this be fixed or time for a new one?

A- If your shower screen is leaking there could be several reasons to this, such as silicone bubbles have formed or age and mould has eaten through the silicone causing holes which water can escape from, or frames have come loose due to age and constant use however at times this can be fixed.
B- PECOSA uses Bosch sanitary silicone on all our shower screens , we are able to cut out old silicone and reapply if required prior to offering an alternate solution of purchasing a new screen.

What are the Australian standards for shower screens?

A- Australian Standards AS/NZS 1288 and 2208 This Standard covers tests to be carried out for the different types of safety glazing material such as laminated AND toughened glass

what is the best shower screen out there?

A- Shower screens come in many shapes and forms, and knowing how to go about selecting a shower screen will make a significant difference to the outcome of your bathroom.
B- Most popular shower screens are frameless and semi-frameless showers as for there is no frame on a frameless shower screen and minimal frame on a semi-frameless, both screens make any bathroom look larger in scale due to no balky frames

How long does it take to get my shower screen after purchase?

A- Generally the turn around for shower screens is between 5-7 working days.
B- The average time for installation depending on the complexity of the shower screen is between 1-2hrs

Can I use my shower screen the same day after install?

A- No, it is advised to wait a minimal of 24hrs to allow silicone to form a strong beed , this will help avoid any future leaks.


What doors are best used for a wardrobe?

A- Sliding doors are most preferred as they can fit in most areas and you don’t block yourself in when opening like you would hinged doors. Mirror sliding doors are a great choice as mirror makes any room look larger in scale and gives a elegant look.

How can my broken mirror door be replaced?

A- If you have a door which is cracked and require a replacement ,PECOSA will require a site visit to remove the broken panel and take to the warehouse to remake a new panel , all glass is cut in the warehouse and not onsite for safety reasons. Depending on glass type the turn around is between 24-48 hrs.

Can I change my hinged doors to sliding doors

A- Yes, this is a great option for small spaces and will enhance the look of any bedroom.

How long after purchase can I expect my sliding wardrobe doors and tracks?

A- The general turn around is 5-7 business days for timber sliding doors and 3-5 days for glass doors .

3: Glass splashbacks

What kind of splashback makes a kitchen look larger?

A- Choosing a reflective back splash is a great option when trying to achieve making the kitchen look larger , mirror splashbacks are the best option when aiming for this as for it provides a reflection like nothing else on the market and will bring elegance to any kitchen.

Is a glass splashback a good idea?

A- Yes, glass splashbacks are a great cost effective solution to finishing off the kitchen rather the stone or tiles and is a much easier product to clean and maintain they are made from toughened glass and are extremely heat resistant.

How long after purchase can I expect my splashback installed?

A- The general turn around for kitchen glass splashbacks are 7-10 working days, digital prints take a little longer and can be expected within 14days.

How are painted splashbacks made?

A- Painted splashbacks are first made out of the oven as a single 6mm toughened glass sheet produced to custom size and then sent to the painters which then coat the specific colour chosen and apply the paint to one side of the glass. Any colour can be chosen .